Questions you aren’t supposed to ask about ISIS: #1 – those Toyota trucks


by BlackCatte

Part 1 of our “ISIS” series. Part 2 can be seen here

ISIS. Murky, masked, terrifying Bad Guys. Islamic hardliners, doing unspeakably ghastly things in faraway sandy places. A horde poised to be unleashed on the innocent everywhere. They merge in the Jungian western mind with race memories of the Saracen, that other convenient boogey man from a previous and ultimately ill-fated bid to make strategic conquest into a moral Crusade. Fear is the message. And it works.

As with most official narratives, the ISIS trope is left largely unexamined by mainstream media, while at the same time being used as a major motivation for continued and increasing war in the Middle East. Given the growing chaos in the region, now spreading to Yemen, and the increasingly blurry role ISIS would appear to be playing, as media fear-porn, war-provocateur and enemy of western enemies, we’ve decided to…

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