Does ISIS really smuggle “$3M worth of oil” into Turkey EVERY DAY?


by BlackCatte

Part 2 of our series “Questions you aren’t supposed to ask about ISIS”. Part 1 is here

Last summer, quoting either David Cohen, the “US Treasury department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence” or a statement from Iraq Energy, a “non-profit policy Institute”, ISIS was suddenly revealed by media storm to be bootlegging crude across the Turkish border, and to be getting shockingly rich as a result. The media reaction was intense and – as ever – unified. Claims were rarely examined, sources rarely verified, amounts were often vague, but by God the message was clear.

ISIS raking in cash: Extremists earn more than $1 million a day…”National Post October 23

…the ISIS–controlled oil market in Iraq…is believed to be raising at least $2 million a day…” CNN August 22

…ISIS Makes Up To $3 Million a Day Selling Oil…”

ABC News August 2

…How ISIS…

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