Thank you Russia! It’s nice to see what “Mission Accomplished” really means (Scott rant)

Behind every law, behind every war there are individuals with their personal agenda and personal set of believes. It’s time for us to stop addressing our woes to the faceless mechanisms of power like the State Department, or Bundestag, or Knesset, and to hold an every individual involved in policymaking to become personally responsible. Then the world might get a chance to survive.

from The Saker: 

Foreword by the Saker: Since I have turned into a dreaming alligator and the blog is taking October maybe not quite “off” but at least in a “minimum service” mode, I have decided that my Director of Research, Scott, should get the opportunity to post a rant once in a while.  Not only that, but since I now post “dreams” in the analysis section, then there is no reason why Scott should not post his rants in the section he normally runs: SITREPS.  To…

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