Saker rant: the Neocons have robbed us all from the peace we wanted so much

And now they are openly supporting the three most demonic ideologies on the planet: Daesh Takfirism, Ukro Nazism and Israeli Zionism. That such a small amount of individuals would have such a fantastic capability for evil is just amazing, and very discouraging. Make no mistake: absolute evil does exit.

from The Saker: 

Bomb_Nuke-275x200_cI spend all day away from home (and I can attest that driving with a sprained ankle sucks!).  As always, music kept me going and today it was the always moving voice of Roger Waters.  I have been listening to Waters since I was 10 years old and ever since his emotion-filled music has always accompanied me through the good and the bad.

Today, just as it was getting dark, my player played Water’s beautiful ” The Tide is Turning” and, as always, I had a flashback to the years of the Cold War:

I used to think the world was…

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