Propaganda War on Russia in High Gear

Propaganda wars precede hot ones – then continue once fighting starts. Putin is a master chess player, a patient one, a careful strategic planner.

He’s got Obama flummoxed, besting him at his own dirty game. He’s engaged in the war on terrorism in Syria Obama only pretends to wage, fighting Assad, not ISIS.

by Stephen Lendman, Global Research: 

Putin’s commitment is real. The anti-Russian lying machine wants people to believe otherwise. Believe nothing US officials say or what go-along presstitutes report.

Their job is supporting imperial objectives, suppressing its most dangerous enemy – truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Longstanding US Middle East policy is no secret. Eliminate all independent leaders. Replace them with pro-Western puppets. Achieve unchallenged regional control.

Redraw the regional map by balkanizing Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and perhaps other countries for easier control, especially its oil and gas resources.

Above all, banish Russian and…

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