Coverup! US Bombs Slaughter Doctors Without Borders Team, Crush Hospital

Afghanistan: MSF Staff Killed, Hospital Partially Destroyed in Kunduz

from Veterans Today: 

Gordon Duff Editor’s note:  The Pentagon and President Obama have failed to take responsibility for this war crime, certainly not an accident.  Only a few days earlier, the Taliban shot down an American C130J aircraft with 11 onboard, also another American secret as well.

It seems making up bizarre accusations about the very successful Russian air campaign in Syria which is magically finding one major target after another that America’s drones and satellites could not, is taking up all of America’s time.

Let’s remember that, at best, America killed 10 civilians for every armed civilian killed during the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Also note that the illegal invasion of Afghanistan, currently supported by a puppet government in Kabul, put there to support Pentagon drug production efforts, has allowed that illegal invasion and the slaughter, which you…

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