An Insight Into Orthodox Christianity. Interview With The Saker.

by Katherine Frisk:

RussianOrthodoxChruch24 Russian orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene on slope of Mount of Olives, view from Derekh Ha’Ofel road. Jerusalem.

Just over a year ago I had little to no understanding of Orthodox Christianity, the Russian Orthodox Church, it’s history or how it differed from the West. It was largely due to the war in Ukraine that I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the people of Eastern Ukraine and what motivated them. After watching numerous reports from the region I came to realise that although the Soviet Union which included Ukraine had gone through a period of total atheism, since it’s fall after almost 80 years, there had been a major resurgence in Christianity and in Orthodox Christianity in particular. Western perception even after 25 years still regards Eastern Europe and Russia as atheist states when nothing could be further from the truth.
Ukraine as a country…

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