Let me tell you what Putin said in a nutshell:

That the western nations have been paying mercenaries to fight in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

The Mercenaries work for the highest bidder, many thousands of them are from Russia, but they are also from every other country.

These paid fighters get their arms from their paymasters, these men rob the oil and other material wealth and they sell the oil and other relics and assets they steal to the highest bidder.

The same people who pay these men are also giving arms and money to the opposition parties in Syria..to depose the President of Syria..the whole situation have caused a very nasty humanitarian situation and have destroyed whole nations, meanwhile they sold us the bigotry, pitted religious people against each other.

Hate is so easy to sell, it is a centuries old commodity.

We have been hoodwinked, the social media is also helping to create the crisis by controlling and spinning the madness.


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