“F*ck You Pieces of Sh*t!” – Hate Mail Traced Back to Sheriff’s Office IP

It seems the San Diego sheriff’s office needs to take a thorough look within itself to find out who have been sending hate mail to an activist group.


United Against Police Terror, a group of campaigners that is against police brutality, received a shocking comment on their blog that stated that the group members are”stupid pieces of shit”.

Typed in upper case, the message is full of grammatical errors — it’s an assault on the senses.

Not only this, it is inundated with racial slurs.

However, that is not the worst feature – the message comment has been traced back to the sheriff’s department.

The message claims that those who question law-enforcement are just like drug addicted criminals who continue to receive government assistance.

The group’s Spokeswoman, Cat Mendonca, further elaborated that the note goes on to state that protestors against the Ferguson incident were “thieves and animals.”


The message goes onto warn the activist group that they will need luck on their side in the future.

However, Mendonca says the sender has not considered the fact that their cause has nothing to do with violence; the group is made up of community members who are law-abiding citizens and pay their taxes.

Jeff Olson, a fellow activist, stated that the sheriff’s department needed to take the matter seriously.

“The sheriff has two choices: to reveal the prankster who got through their IP address or reveal the employee and terminate their employment,” he said.

The group has already filed a complaint with the Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board.

Watch the video below:


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