Who Are You?

I think I would like to tell people that Wisdom is not something you can learn from a book, it can not be acquired with age, it can only be found in the heart of the human and only wisdom can give itself. Do not confuse intelligence with common sense, do not confuse understanding with specific or general knowledge.Wisdom is being able to feel knowledge. Wisdom is an exact description of a total experience with universal life, the energy which moves the atom moves you.


Wisdom is a limited description of a universal, immortal living being which resides in the human, at its core it is an indispensable entity to human life.

Wisdom can not be experienced from knowledge which is written in books. Wisdom comes from an experience of peace in the human. The Illusive Comes Then Description Of Peace,

A Human Can Feel At Peace On A Battle Field, During A Raging War, The War Starts First Inside The Mind Of The Human.

Then It Manifests Outside as utter destruction.

I know for a hard fact that peace is possible, to know peace is to understand wisdom, for both of these conditions, co-exist in universal harmony. The whole universe is inside the human, in a similar manner as one drop of water is the mirror image of the sea, all water must go back to the sea, water came from the sea. All rivers eventually empty into the sea.

The purpose oh human life is to attain everlasting, eternal peace, this peace is an experience, such so that a human having never experienced peace is doomed to live a life devoid of real purpose. It is paramount to ask yourself, why am I on the earth?

Are you alive to attain riches and wealth? Well that helps, but at the moment of your last breath, only the last breath is essential, the human will need every bit of energy to take that last breath.

People believe in things, the time has come to know, you can not believe anything anymore, either you know, or you do not know, saying that “I believe I know” is an oxymoron. Do you know you are hungry or do you believe you are hungry? If you believe you are hungry you can also believe you are eating or have eaten; then you can also believe you are not hungry at all.Knowing is accentual, you must know everything and believe in nothing.Hearsay Is Belief, Based On Gossip, Base d on what other people believe I call that a double oxymoron statement. Knowing yourself has nothing to do with a belief, if you believe you know yourself, then you do not know yourself.If you are looking for answers or an answer, the obvious, is you did not find it yet, so you will need to find what you seek, continue looking for it, or stop looking. If you want peace all you have to do is to sincerely ask for peace, it will come to you, after you really ask.

I do not believe in any god I do not believe in belief. I know I am. there is no belief. I am alive I know this I do not believe I am alive I know I am alive. The breath comes in and goes out, this is a fact which can not be refuted. The breath of life is real, it is not a belief. The longest day came when I took my first breath and I am sure that the shortest day of my life will be on the instant moment of my last breath. The breath is the one constant entity in human life, but strangely enough it is ever changing, so how can a constant change in each instant? life is always changing in its one constant, something that has always been there forever continually changes. In the middle of stillness is extreme motion.

People say silence is virtue, but I know that in silence there is a virtue, the virtue of life itself, being alive is the single greatest gift you will ever have, every breath is irreplaceable, the last breath you just took, will never comeback again, you will need a new breath to continue to live. The human body gets about 25000 breaths per day. Do Not Know I Who Sat There Counting Breaths, But These Are All Virtues, Every Breath Is A Gift From Life Itself, The Universe Per mits you to be alive, until you pass away and get no more breath. In the instant and when the breath leaves your body nothing can keep you alive, the breath is a living being, you can hear it, you can touch it, you can see it, life is a living entity, it has color, texture, sound and is fluid, one can totally have the experience of life while you are alive, comes the question then what is an experience of life?

People use the word faith.I have “faith in God they claim”, how can you have faith in something that is infinite, something that is all knowing? Life is everywhere, how can you state I have faith in life being everywhere. People of faith … the very term is incorrect..it should be people who know that life is everywhere, look around you, look at you, you are alive, you need to know this not believe this, not have faith in something Complete Is That, Faith And Belief Are Not correct characterizations to describe the existence of the one, ever present, universal life. Life is so plural for it exists everywhere, it is the single most abundant episode in existence. Life is the epicenter of all existence universally. We are made in the mirror image of eternal life, we are special because we have life, the greatest miracle is life itself, the fact that a cow eats green grass and gives white milk is not a miracle but a biological occurrence necessary to suckle young. There is no miracle greater than the miracle of life, for it is the primordial vibration which originates and sustains all carbon-based matter in the universe. Life does not only sustain carbon based matter but life controls all existence everywhere, the primal force which is life is eternal, it never was, but it has always been present. If life came and left it will not be eternal, for it will have a beginning and an end … life, however, has no beginning and has no end; nothing can destroy life, but life does change, it is in continual flux. Forever was changing, never stagnant, its beauty is omni present, existing in the very smallest nano atom everywhere in the universe. There is an obvious question here; who are you? You are not your body, you are not your intellect or its mind, you are a spark of eternal life, the life within you that you can not see with a mirror, you are the life that first came to you when you took the first breath or before. Life did not begin at inception, but rather inception began when life interacted with itself to form a living human or animal being. People claim that life began at inception is false, life never began, it was always alive, it will always be alive, life can not die, it lives on forever

Peace is not the absence of war, the very opposite is true, that war is the absence of inner peace, you cannot sign a peace treaty. Peace is not a contract, it is a real feeling which exists in every human. Peace is a living real entity which is present in all of the extensive universe, to know peace is to know yourself, you simply cannot know your self if you do not know peace, for to attain the tranquility of eternity you would need a stillness of body and intellect. Now this stillness is not exactly easy to know, the method takes many years of practise, it is sometimes said that to attain peace would be tantamount to stringing the earth and the stars on one string, know this however, that, one nano second of peace as a real experience in your life is worth more than a lifetime. Who are you? you are not the person described on the certificate of birth, you are not the person you see in the mirror, you are an eternal, mirror image embodiment of the whole universe, exactly like the one drop of water, that is the same as the whole ocean. If the human race knew what true peace is there will be no killing, no human suffering, for people would cherish life and every living entity on this planet would thrive to its fullest, there would be no need for a religion, but religious belief or faith does not preclude a human from knowing what peace is. In the same light however I have found that when a human knows peace, only life becomes important, dogmas, doctrines and religions become obsolete.

Most people do not want peace, or they do not know that they want peace and people think that peace is some fiction of some mad imagination, no this too is completely false, every human wants peace, but we have become confused and totally deluded as to the identity of what true peace really is. People like war, because its easy or appears to be easy, to take a life is so easy, almost costs nothing to kill someone, but if you knew yourself you would never wish to see the self, leave an embodiment, although such a visible departure is really astonishing and totally surprising, still the life becomes so precious, they you would more like to see it thrive, such life can only add to your own enjoyment and self realization. What is also notable is, that, when you know peace all these words become redundant, for the experience of peace nullifies the descriptions of it. The words as a description of peace fails to properly detail what peace is when you taste the delicious nature of true peace.

The human mind have become a very convoluted, confused illusion which dies when the life leaves the human body.

The only true reason for a human body is to realize what life is, the wisdom of self knowledge is not comparable to any known other experience on this earth. Sometimes I often think that so many billions of humans were birthed by a woman I find that astonishing, that life chose a gateway to enter into the earth, giving a human a chance to realize the energy, and become united with the energy that is life.

Sometimes I look at flowers or birds or planets and I see these colors, so many colors, in so many different applications, all alive I am always in astonishment, but you know, the beauty existed inside first, for if you did not have this inner everlasting beauty inside of you, one would never be able to appreciate or acknowledge beauty outside of the body, like sex for instance, it is not the vagina which gives you the nice feeling, if you are male, but it is the biology of your body which uses the stimulus of the vagina to attain a sex high.

It all starts inside, you have to come to know what the core of your being is with specific recognition. If the human does not realize what love is, what life is, then at the end of life what good would that have been?. Why were you born? why? I was not born to be a Fashion Designer, its want I sort of do to make a living and to have fun. I love dressing females, it has certain perks, which I enjoy immensely, however, the joy of being with a woman is not a comparable to knowing myself, for my body will cease to function one day and I will be left with who I am, this to me is the single most important event to come in my life.

what is an experience of life?

Most people would think that an experience of life is good or bad sex, a great movie or book, or a lovely home or family or just a lot of money, nope none of those or any other things related to those qualifies as an experience of life. An experience of life is the interaction of who you are with the force of life itself, the latter being everlasting or forever, as a matter of actual be hound forever. Life can never be created or destroyed, to experience life is a wonder of human kind. The human upon knowing what life is is like a lion when it firsts tastes the sweetness of human blood, the lion forever craves the sugar of blood, human blood. Life is a very unique thing, it knows no sorrow, it has no prejudice, it conforms to no law, it is freedom embodied in itself, life is, it exists because of itself and it requires no subject to subsist, it is perpetual and never stops. Why would you not want to know something with such wonder? This life is the only true miracle worth knowing, the miracle of eternal peace gives you gifts like no lover could. There are no books which teach the beauty of life, for it is a real experience, like drinking a clean clear cold glass of water. It has been said that a picture of water will never quench your thirst, only the actual real liquid water can do that. You cannot gain self knowledge, peace, wisdom or know about life from a text. This has to be a real experience.

True love has a language, it is not based on words or a voice, rather it is based on the true experience of life itself, you have to study the heart, not the organ that beats in you chest but the heart of the human where the Atman resides. To find your core is quite a task, but never is late enough, for one second of knowing love is worth every breath you have ever taken or ever will take. We are beginning to see where the brain of one person can actually control the body of another, people are getting new heads for their ailing bodies and people are getting bodies for their failing heads, so them who are you? if you can have a new body or a new head, yes I am not mad a body transplant is secluded for an operation in China in 2017. Love has a language, it attracts itself, love is better than any magnet, it can cling to itself and become in unison with itself anywhere at any time. The language of love is universal, every heart speaks it, every heart can cling together and work in unison, for all the same common good, humans can actually life off of each other, simply by using the universal language of love, this love knows no bounds, it has no separations, knowing the love improves your body, it improves the situations and the matter around you, love is selfish though I noted as it only chooses itself, it has no limits to how and when it will chose itself, in any instant as love finds itself it serves itself, reminds me of the Borg in Star Trek, once you join the Borg it all becomes a collective, peace wants to rule the earth, the existence belongs to it. life exist because of itself, it is an entity which knows no failure, like the sun, it shines for everyone.

I know the human body to be comprised of Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, that is electric, no new matter have come to the earth in thousands of years, our bodies are all a recycle, made of dirt, yes mud, we flourish on this earth, where life remakes itself over and over again, forever. No matter who you think you are, when your body dies, it springs new life, worms takes the day of your body, they enjoy eating the smelly corpse, your loved ones will run from your smelly body, no matter if you were a royal or if the body was clad in pure gold. Life leaves the body, the beauty of what made you who you thought you were, moved on to where? I do not know. My life is like a Chariot in which I ride, but the Chariot has a driver, this driver will not swing your sword or battle your wars, but the driver will drive you to safety always, life will forever protect you, for it wants itself to glorify itself. How does this work..well I do not know that answer either, or more explicit I may not wish to ponder that subject, less to write it at this time.

Time and time again I have called upon my maker to deliver me from the clutches of ignorance and trouble, my maker have never disappointed me, not once, mind you it is more times very difficult to know what to ask for, for sometimes you will get just that, or nothing at all, the love knows what it wants you to have for its own reasons, this life is shrouded in a simply mystery of love. I have been learning how to allow the love to rule my life to guide me to where I need to go. I have decided I really know nothing or very little about anything. I can glide in a blind love that will never do me any wrong, for love never falters, it cherishes itself at all times, it really does protect its own. I have walked on a razor`s edge and did not hurt myself. Love has made it where we do not have to live in a cave to achieve peace, peace has made itself available to us no matter who we are or where we live, this is all one universe, the home of all living beings, we are so fortunate to be alive today that we can find the bottom of our heart and make it work for us. I do not know of another existence, but I am sure I am here now. I can savor the meaning of live I can live a life of love and be at peace, knowing that each breath could well be the last. How fickle is life? that in any moment it could chose to depart. Can I live life as if it was my last breath?

Humans cannot give life or take life away, life and living has always been in the universe, in any number of formats, the copulation of man and woman unifies two or more living cells of life which when activated brings forth a human body via a womb. The bible is just a poorly written storybook, that have become outdated. The creator of life gives life. Life existed long before any religion known to humans came about. Life has nothing to with Christianity and does not depend on any religion to exist. Life only needs itself to flourish. We can destroy our body and maybe the earth, but we cannot destroy life. Life is eternal, it existed forever, if life died, there will be no universe. The sperm and the egg are living, human, reproductive cells, when they come together, in the instant, they are already living, these cells have light, energy, matter, oxygen, hydrogen, matter and all the elements of a living cell. Religion does not understand life or universal existence.

The fables told in the bible and other religious texts about the origins of life are all incorrect, does not account for fact, and are completely false.

The story of Adam and Eve and some demon is a crazy story. Life has zero to do with any Adam and Eve..the life in cells are immortal, if you look at any biological cell under powerful microscopes, the cells go on next to forever, infinitely, the story of life is older than the universe itself, nothing can exist in this whole universe if life is absent.

Life does not recognize division, it is an entity onto itself, it exists for itself, humans procreate, and that word is also mis construed, the whole English language and all languages are simply unable to define what life is. Life is an infinite being, it exists in billions of trillions of different formats, yet, there is one similarity in all of these formats.


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