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Anti-Putin Propaganda Begins: ‘Moderate’ Terrorists Complaining That Russia Bombed Them

Anti-Putin Propaganda Begins: ‘Moderate’ Terrorists Complaining That Russia Bombed Them September 30, 2015 By Stuart Hooper 0 Comments 21st Century Wire says… You really could not make this up. Today has marked the official start of Russia’s bombing campaign against … Continue reading

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Let me tell you what Putin said in a nutshell:

That the western nations have been paying mercenaries to fight in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The Mercenaries work for the highest bidder, many thousands of them are from Russia, but they are also from every other country. These paid … Continue reading

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Black man tazed and taken to jail for sitting

if I was doing anything wrong I would be the FIRST to admit it and accept my punishment.. but I WILL NOT be treated like a criminal and accept punishment for simply being a black man.. and fuck you if … Continue reading

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How Yemeni adventure doesn’t go so well for Saudi-led coalition

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School Police Department Gets Military Vehicle, To ‘Drive Through Walls’ of Classrooms

A San Diego school police department has just been given a military vehicle worth $733,000 in taxpayer funding. The vehicle, called the MRAP was designed for use in war zones and to protect troops from improvised explosive devices, but now … Continue reading

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TED Visner has the best homeowner story ever

He will become a very wealthy man. Published on Sep 29, 2015 This segment contains an interview with Ted Visner, who was recently held in jail without a warrant in Michigan for doing nothing more than standing up for his … Continue reading

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Why are they hiding the truth?

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Girl is Stopped and Interrogated by NYPD for Wearing Shirt With Arabic Writing

It was a typical warm September afternoon in New York, Miru Kim was walking back home with her dog Guinness, a large Canaan-mix, when he started barking loudly at another dog. Continue reading

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“F*ck You Pieces of Sh*t!” – Hate Mail Traced Back to Sheriff’s Office IP

However, that is not the worst feature – the message comment has been traced back to the sheriff’s department.

This means someone has either been using the department’s IP address or is an employee.
The message claims that those who question law-enforcement are just like drug addicted criminals who continue to receive government assistance. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Cop Attempts to Violate a Man’s Rights but His Sergeant Shows Up and Shuts Him Down

Instead of knowing the law, trooper Fougere of the New York State Police demanded that the man filming identify himself. However, in New York, if an officer demands that you identify yourself, that officer must have reason to believe you have committed a crime, are about to commit a crime, or have evidence of a crime that was committed. Continue reading

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Officer Arrested for Maliciously Plotting and Carrying Out the Death of His 2-Month-Old Son

On September 2nd, at the request of 24th District Attorney General Matthew Stowe, TBI Special Agents began investigating the cause of life-threatening injuries sustained by almost three-month-old Gunner Page at his family’s home in Puryear. The infant, the son of Paris Police Department officer Christopher Warren Page, died as a result of his injuries on September 7th. During the course of the investigation, Agents developed information leading to Page as the individual responsible for his son’s death. Continue reading

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Who Are You?

Wisdom is a limited description of a universal, indestructible living being which resides in the human, at its core it is an indispensable entity to human life. Wisdom can not be experienced from knowledge which are written in books. Wisdom comes from an experience of peace in the human. The Illusive Comes Then Description Of Peace, A Human Can Feel At Peace On A Battle Field, During A Raging War, The War Starts First Inside The Mind Of The Human, Then It Manifests Outside A s utter destruction. I know for a hard fact that peace is possible, to know peace is to understand wisdom, for both of these conditions co-exist in universal harmony. The whole universe is inside the human, in a similar manner as one drop of water is the mirror image of the sea, all water must go back to the sea, water came from the sea. All rivers eventually empty into the sea. The purpose oh human life is to attain everlasting eternal peace, this peace is an actual experience, such so that a human having never experienced peace is doomed to live a life devoid of real purpose. It is very important to ask yourself, why am I on the earth? are you alive to attain riches and wealth? well that helps, but at the moment of your last breath, only the last breath is important, the human will need every bit of energy to take that last breath. Continue reading

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​TILA | Fin. Freedom Acquisition, LLC v. Standard Bank & Trust Co.

​TILA | Fin. Freedom Acquisition, LLC v. Standard Bank & Trust Co. | Different “fact pattern” BUT . . . Because TILA disclosures were not provided to Standard, the three-day right to rescind period was extended to three years. Standard … Continue reading

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Police Murder Suicidal Man In Wheelchair

McDowell’s family wants to know why they didn’t use a taser on him, since he was threatening no one.

“Why couldn’t you tase this man out of his wheelchair,” his sister, Letesha Green asked. “Why couldn’t you use rubber bullets to get him out of the wheelchair?” Continue reading

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Man Arrested For Calling Police Racist in Facebook Comment Receives $35K Settlement

But shortly after, he ended up winning the case on appeal and having the convictions thrown out. The appeals court ruled that the “fighting words” doctrine only applies when the two parties are within close proximity to one another. Continue reading

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Harassment and Intimidation Against Innocent Colorado Family for “Ignoring” Neighbor

Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement Officers and a Community Service Officer from Northglenn Police Dept. were sent over to harass and intimidate Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, parents of six, all because the next door neighbor was being “ignored” and called the police to complain. That’s right—the neighbor called the police because she was being ignored by the Kekoas. And even more ridiculous, the Northglenn Police responded right away to the 911 call. Continue reading

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Mass. Supreme Court Rules Police Cannot Make Stops For Marijuana Possession

“It’s tricky here,” Max said. “They want to be liberal nut-jobs [in Massachusetts,] but they like pot being illegal. Even if a [legalization bill was passed,] the governor I know is opposed to signing to legalize it.” Continue reading

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