WoW..Tough Guy Sheriff Deputy Bullies a Man for Simply asking a Question, Vance Williams

Tough guy isn’t acting so tough now lol…

“A foul-mouthed Kansas deputy named Vance Williams was suspended after he was caught on video threatening to unlawfully arrest a citizen for asking him a mere question.

But it was the language that got him suspended, not the threat of unlawful arrest, that latter which was not addressed by the sheriff or the local media.

Williams, a former middle school principal who has only been with the Harper County Sheriff’s Office for six months, apologized for his behavior, saying it was his lack of experience that drove him to act like a bullying thug with a badge.”

Hello do we actually have to respect this human? he is a an officer of the law? the law is actually not worth very much as the dirty cop portrays it, egotistical psychopath with a gun, what could go wrong?


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