QLSC Loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment in Seattle Pt.2 Full Hearing

QLSC Loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment in Seattle Pt.2 Full Hearing


Friday, January 9, 2015

As you can see in the top movie, Quality Loan Servicing Corp.(hereinafter, “QLSC”) lives by the principle of See no evil, hear no evil…….

KingCast & Mortgage Movies:QLSC v. Karen Pooley QLSC loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment Argument before Judge Kenneth Schubert.

Note: Kathy Salyer had Eleanor Dubay running a sweep to keep KingCast cameras at bay. You may recall about a year ago to the Day when Karen Pooley had Quality loan Servicing and their lawyers at McCarthy Holthus for a snack before Judge Kenneth Schubert as the Court issued adverse rulings on allegedly confidential discovery issues. Well today the smorgasbord continued, with Ms. Pooley taking some hits on the RCW 9a “Little RICO” and brick and mortar causes of action relative to QLSC. Unfortunately they lost a Motion to Dismiss relative to Ms. Pooley’s Fraudulent Concealment CLAIMS, in that the Court found that she is allowed to seek discovery and litigate the issue of whether or not the purported Beneficiary (holder/owner of Note) used fake documents when the either knew or should have know that the documents were bogus.

And then I was writing just now to a very high-powered ATTORNEY in another jurisdiction about the ongoing La Mar Gunn stolen Recorder of Deeds election in Kent County, Delaware and I was explaining what I do. I told said Counselor:

Here are pictures and upcoming videQuality LOAN Servicing losing a MTD on Fraudulent Concealment today; their lawyer can’t stand me either. She’s got her little knave running sweep to try to deny me the hallway shot, but I came through as usual. That camera comes out and their guilty conscience gets the better of them almost every time. Heck man, that’s why they all hate me. But that’s not my fault. If they were upstanding citizens like Judge Schubert they wouldn’t give a shit.

He and I always have a good little rap session where we remind each other that we appreciate the other one. If we had more CAMERAS like mine and more judges like him we wouldn’t be in this fucked up situation and our time and resources as lawyers, industry analysis and just plain American people would be spent on more productive pursuits.


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