Time cannot exist in the instant because a present instant state is total,

its all one and the same,

there is no beginning and no end,

time cannot exist in a constant,

an entity that is whole,

there is no time.

The universe does not mark time,

it simply is,

existing now, time-less.

If time existed in the universe,

then the universe will be limited by IT,

but no we know that the universe has no beginning and no end…it is timeless.

We draw maps, make flags, clocks and languages, we need time…

the universe has no use for time.

I am sure very sure that there is no beginning and no end,

there cannot be a beginning and an end,

life is eternal,

meaning something behold forever,

it cannot be created or destroyed, change is all it is.

you cannot destroy an atom it breaks up into any countless amount of pieces,

there is always more forever,

its not about you and I there is only one truth,

one existence,

one life,

one infinite universe, never ending.

If an entity or condition was there before the beginning and then so equally something will be there after the end,

how can there be a beginning or an end? it existed, before the beginning and will be present after the end.

remember the Earth is not flat.


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