Fresno at Epicenter of Institutionalized Industrial Mortgage Fraud: Banks Don’t Own Your Debt Note

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President Obama Mortgage Fraud Task Force FBI, HUD, DOJ Department of Commerce

The mortgage documents recorded at the court house are fraudulent forged documents assigned to trusts that were already closed. Gene Johnson could not find an honest competent attorney. What home owners need to look for on the deed of trust and every document that has been recorded at the court house is clear ownership of title. To paraphrase Abbot and Costello, the banks have made their Ponzi scheme so complicated that they don’t even know who’s on first.

The fraud is evident on your deed of trust especially if it has Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) named as the beneficiary and MERS named as the lender on the deed of trust. Neither MERS nor the lender can be the beneficiary because neither of them loaned the home owner any money.

The banks have filed fraudulent documents at the court house, do not take ownership of the property and throw people out of their homes. The owner that was evicted still owns the property and they don’t even know it. The bank does not take ownership because it does not want to pay the property tax.

The shareholders of MERS are the banks. MERS is a database and not the beneficiary because MERS did not lend any money. Countrywide never transferred any of the mortgages to Bank of America (BOA). BOA is foreclosing on mortgages it does not own.

Out of the 41 Civil Judges in Fresno County 65% have MERS on their mortgage.

The banks have securitized the mortgages into exotic financial derivates called mortgage backed securities. MERS does not tell investors who holds the mortgage until it goes into default. Then the bank assigns the mortgage to a trust to prove ownership and pools thousands of mortgages into one trust selling it as a mortgage backed security. The assignment of the mortgages to the trust was made on average three years after the trust was closed. Furthermore, ownership of the original mortgage was never established.

The banks do not have clear title and are selling stolen property at auction to third parties.

Everyone needs to challenge the banks as to whether repayment on the debt is actually going to the lender.

None of the robosigned documents match.

Check to see if you are paying your mortgage to the actual debt note holder.

Your Mortgage may already be paid through credit default money and bailout money.

J.P. Morgan Chase, U.S. Settle for $13 Billion…

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)

Nothing Has Changed – And That’s The Problem……

Search Engine: Form 700 for a list of Judges Assets

Search Engine: Glaski v. Bank of America…

Correction: Night of the Long Knives


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