Why I FIRED Bank of America!

True story — a guy walks into a bank (Not a bar — that would be a joke and this isn’t funny.) and says “I think this place is a criminal enterprise!” And then goes on to prove it before the security guards usher him out.

Bank of America, like the other major investment banks, has lied and swindled its way into fleecing this country and then getting this country to mop up their mess — from which they continue to profit.

We know that the Bank of America and its cronies, the other major investment banks, brought this country to its knees with their sub-prime mortgage racket and other loan scams. Take your money out of these places! Put your money where it will not help finance our own destruction! Take our country back from the bandits!

Here’s what I did about it. You can do it, too. Please send this to all your social media friends and others in your address books. Thanks


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