Paul Craig Roberts Warns Greek Government May Be Assassinated In This Crisis If They Pivot East To Stop World War III


Former US Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts (below) says Greece may maneuver to stop World War IIIKWN Roberts I 6:26:2015

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  “The Greek people and the Greek government have before them the unique opportunity to prevent World War III.  All the Greek government needs to do, if the Greek people will get behind the government, is to default on the loans, resign from the EU and from NATO, and accept the deal that the Russians have offered them….

“This would begin the unraveling of NATO.  Very quickly Spain and Italy would follow.  So southern Europe would desert NATO and so would Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  NATO is the mechanism that Washington uses to cause conflict with Russia.  So as the EU and NATO unravel, the ability of Washington to produce this conflict disappears.

The Greek government understands that what is being imposed on Greece is not workable.  Since the…

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