20 days for the Banks to File Lawsuit or Waive Any Claim Against Borrower’s TILA Rescission

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NEW FEATURE: YOU KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING STUPID GOING ON: You know there is something stupid going on when the banks have us thinking that our FICO score is more important than having money. Isn’t that the real reason wages stagnated (replacing wages with debt)?


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This is not a legal opinion on your case. It is no substitute for an opinion from local licensed counsel who has done the research through Jesinoski.


So the question that is coming up is the wrong question.”How do we know the bank’s defenses can’t be raised after 20 days.” The very fact that anyone asks that question means that they either have not read or perhaps did not understand the US Supreme Court in Jesinoski. The bank’s CLAIMS are not DEFENSES. They can’t be raised as defenses because rescission is full, final and…

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