A Greek meltdown on steriods

Its all good in Greece though for after the shit storm and just after the pot of human organic waste boils, the hold the ZioBankers have on that country will burn in the flames of the bricks made from boiling brown matter for way too long.

Greece has already stated that the debt is not legal and they have refused to pay the debt, so what will the ZioBankers do now?

I guess we will be seeing a new kind of foreclosure yep we are about to learn some new ways to defend against paying debt. I think all debt is illegal because a loan is funded with stolen money.

There seems to be a provision where the Euro Zone may be able to dis own the money withdrawn by use of ATM in Greece because the Greek printers of money may be printing more than they are allowed to print to pay the ATM calls, this is some very interesting stuff here, land in Greece is now worth nothing at all.

Goldman Sacks has some real big money invested in Greece..look out for an epic week coming next.

So will the Greeks start printing their own Fiat and Crypto?



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