Lerner Sampson Lawsuit


Attorneys Marc Dann and James Douglass to file class action suit against Lerner, Sampson &Rothfuss for the continual filing of frivolous foreclosures

Several wronged homeowners have come together with the help of attorneys Marc Dann and James Douglass in order to file a class action lawsuit against law firm Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss (LS&R), which routinely files un-provable foreclosure suits through the use of manufactured and incomplete documentation.

Tamara and Phillip Turner, Mary Sweeney, and a third couple all had foreclosure suits filed against them by LS&R, on behalf of various clients, dismissed after the court found that LS&R’s clients did not have standing to file the suits.  Despite the final victories, the Turners, Ms. Sweeney and the third plaintiff all were forced to hire lawyers to defend themselves, incurring substantial legal fees.  The plaintiffs and others who were sued by Lerner Sampson representing lenders suffered significant…

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