HOW TO FIND YOUR FHA LOAN , FHA Case # 201-3411867-703


The Mortgage being the subject of this action is construe to be a true, legal and binding document, between the parties. The Mortgage is Notorized and is filed at the official records of Los Angeles county recorder.  The mortgage has several distinct legal characters visible on its face, for example, the loan amount, the dates, the property description, the body of the agreement, by whom the document was prepared, a delivery address, after when filed.

Every aspect of this instrument is considered a part of this instrument, and all of the tenets of the mortgage are binding legal, stated out, and are all construe to be true, Like wise on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER is the FHA Case # 201-3411867-703.

This Mortgage is commonly known and called an FHA MORTGAGE. The HOLDER IN DUE COURSE is the FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION (FHA), the Plaintiff have Falsely stated otherwise.

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  1. April Charney says:

    fha notes are not negotiable instruments.


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