Some things about me that can change before I am done writing them.

Some things about me that can change before I am done writing them. I am very capable of life long commitments, this came as a result of many exhausting affairs that ended as quickly as they started.

There was a time I was totally into someone, then suddenly I moved on for no visible reason, its the conquest nature of this duality in me.

I hate half way and small minds and if you cannot dress well please do not stand next to me.
I love eternal love this is because I have a freedom quest in me which I am learning about more as I grow older, its been forty years and I still did not get it right yet. I hate ageing and ugly, but what can I do? I hope some people will come from another planet to give a make over and let me look great again.
gemini_3Cfeature3-500x231 I will play forever until I quench this thirst of being a hopeless romantic then I can sit with my found freedom, hopefully in peace, with my creator. I love being versatile, consistency is so boring, this is why I love the meditation because its never is the same in any nano moment.
I am nutty I love to talk and to hear my voice, strange enough though I hate my voice.
I love communication and uncertainty brings out the magic in me, which I do not completely know about or quite understand. This is truly complicated shit. I escape with great heed a predictable, scripted life.
I love my kids and I teach them diversity in everything they do with limits onto to the limitless. Nothing makes any sense in the end, its all about change.
I tell my children that good looking girls must have class, education and must dress well.
I always tell them they are beautiful, that I love them and that they are princesses, royals of a special kind. If I chose to battle you legally I will win. I pick my fights and I will back stab if I have too.
I can always forgive myself and others very easily, sometimes my past haunts me to the state where I wished to defrag my brain.
Moreover nothing changes but the all changing entity in me. Oh and one more thing about me I hate spam I reported all my email as spam, then I go to the Spam box to read them. ” There is a hole in Daddy`s arm, where all the money goes Jesus Christ died for noting I suppose” and do not preach to me about god, because I came to know the creator of universal life itself, this I can prove, but not to you, rather to myself.
If you want to come out dancing with me do not forget to wear those high heeled shoes, plus I must approve your vestments.

About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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