This is what I allege is intrinsic, extrinsic fraud and down right stupidity.

Whereas the tax money of working individuals is used to build roads and bridges.

whereas foreign companies gets certain concessions and other valuable considerations from our local and federal governments to build camera towers.

Whereas citizens pay the DMV a fee to get identification and driving privileges on the very roads we paid to build.

Whereas the foreign companies converts the free money, valuable concessions and considerations into bonds.

Whereas these said bonds are sold to investors, including institutional investors and inclusive of our own retirement 401k plans, intrinsically we the tax paying workers are investing in these foreign companies to build the camera towers.

Whereas we are not properly forewarned that if we use the roads we paid for, the said foreign company will levy a bill on us using the DMV and the government who gives them free let to our private information.

Then we the tax paying public is[are] investing money in this operation directly or indirectly, yet we get no monitory return, in fact we get to pay for assets we purchased.

This is what I allege is intrinsic, extrinsic fraud and down right stupidity.

received a bill for $4.10 I went driving to the SW Miami the other day, these unknown foreign companies enjoys certain concessions and other valuable considerations, they get free money to build these camera towers, on our roadways, our tax money is used to pay for these roads, and uses the DMV information about us to serve us bills, which we are not forewarned about, yes I know slavery was abolished a long time ago right? So we pay the DMV to store our private information, then the foreign company gets this information free, then the foreign company gets our tax money to place cameras, on our roads, then that company sends us a bill for using the roads we built. The most obscene part is, if the bill is not paid in the time frame the company provides, a further charge is levied, on the illicit bill. Talk about fraud.


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