In California a wrongful Foreclosure is now considered a TORT


In California a wrongful foreclosure is considered a TORT the Californians did very well for themselves, congratulations to the fighters. haha now they can hope to be wrongfully foreclosed, its now worth a lot of money to lose your home in CA as a result of wrongful foreclosure, how life has changed for them but millions have lost their homes.

I recall back in 2006 to 2008 when we began to fight the banks people were so critical of us, but we stood up strong and gave the big banksters a good run for their money, they did us so many wrong things but we stood up to the bastards I did and I made it very public too I would travel to CA to give foreclosure defence classes, to lawyers and pro se people alike…now I can say we won the battle, at least those of us who stayed in our homes and I believe we number in the thousands I know a few hundred of us, nationwide, we kicked their asses very well and took the homes from them.

I think if you live in CA and you found an empty home owned by some trust company you can simply move in and take the fucking home or go take back you old home, kick the new owners out with a legal action, the bank will pay up instead of going to court, which may be better for them than facing statuary law and huge settlement by way of court order.

if any group of people who fought and won a battle it was the home-owners nationwide, we did our protest on the computer, in court and in private chat-rooms, we stuck together in a rag tag format and took them out, goes to show how when you are adamant and concentrated you can be successful.



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  1. Papergate says:

    You got that right Mario – rag tag – just like the Enterprise . . . nice article thanks!


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