Pondering TILA Rescission

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see Jonathen Foxx article on TILA Rescission BEFORE the Supreme Court decision http://nationalmortgageprofessional.com/news/42119/tila-versus-tila-rescission-notice-or-lawsuit


In my continuing research into the mechanics of rescission I keep bumping into articles like the Foxx article in the link shown above. While he concedes that no lawsuit is required to “effect” rescission, he seems concerned that the mechanics (procedure) are such that the impact on banks would be onerous and impossible to fulfill.

My answer to that is simple and seems to be borne out by the unanimous Supreme Court decision penned by Justice Scalia. The answer is that it isn’t supposed to be nice to the banks. It was decided by the highest legislative authority in the country (Congress, and now the highest court in the land) that rescission is effective as of the date of mailing and that all the duties…

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