Can you speak Loves`s language?

I can speak the language of true love, the love in my human heart, without quoting a book or some else s words. If you came to know your heart, you would be able to speak its language of love, never having a need for a book, for it was the language of love which wrote the book in the first place, every human must learn loves` language. Thus you have to study the heart.

If you do nor learn the language of love, you may forever have a heart which never attained its fullness of life.

In the Himalaya’s Marshyangdi Valley home to many secluded high altitude caves, where for millennia many a Sage would spend their entire lives in the glorious caves of the mighty hills to learn the mystery and the power of the human heart, today.

However, living in a cave is not required to learn the language of your heart.

The keen study of inner peace. Peace, even if slightly accomplished or experienced yields an inner contentment unsurpassed, more so than with, any other human experience known to man.

How to discover the energy that moves the atoms of human life, while we are alive. This study which is, in fact, a constant life long practice brings to the student of life a very special series of everlasting gifts.

Presents which no other man can touch, curtail, imprison, deprive of or limit, this is the only real freedom which will ever exist on this planet. This freedom is universal, where you can become in sink with the living forces of human and universal life.

If ever you discover a peace or tranquility in your human body, one in which you can have and hold in the middle of a raging war, you would know that this is the peace you are looking for, you would know you found it. This peace is similarly distinguishable as is the difference between a night and its day.

You can only wish another person happiness if you know this happiness you want another, first for yourself.

You can create the heaven on earth now in the very existence you lead, contentment, happiness, peace, a very long life full of health and eternal wealth are all good natured attributes which are entirely attainable now in this life, for to await them in another, could well be a folly.


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