Mario Kenny, Western Union, do not use Western Union to send money. BOYCOTT WESTERN UNION

I allege the following:


UPDATE 2/6/2015; In the end the Jerks refunded the whole amount without a request by the sender of the money. I therefore ask the following question, what if I was his landlord, or that he was buying a stock or a bond, or paying his mortgage and the payment date was critical, would the sender have a cause of action on the jerk company?

A client of mine paid Western Union over $70.00 to send me payment for my services and Western Union have not sent me the money to date. They site ” Government Regulations ” as the reason why.

The money came from Michigan to Miami USA.

The money was coming from an American State MI to be delivered to Miami Florida where I reside, Western Union failed to deliver the money timely.

I suspect they will have another trick to keep the fees he paid, and not deliver the money.

I allege that Western Union will scam me and him in this deal.

I called over there and a woman came on with an Asian accent to explain to me that this is part of a government regulation.

LOL joke I live in the United States and this is pure BS. I have never done anything wrong ever. I do support people in Palestine.

I ask people on Face Book to send money to people in Palestine to help them, none of the money is ever sent to me. I am suggesting that no one ever use Western Union to send money. Try Money Gram instead or simply use any other means.

This is so stupid.

As for the person who sent the money I am suggesting to him that he gets his fee back and get the money back.

The amount he sent was less than $1000.00 so apparently there is some unstated prohibition, ” government Regulation” which allows Western Union to flag transactions for what ever reason they can make up.

Meanwhile Western Union, I allege is making free interest on money they hold up because of “government regulations” another cheap trick by abusive big multinational corporations to make free money, off of the poor and defenseless. These are the real scammers.

I do not see any reason why an adult wanting to send money voluntarily to another, why any entity would have the authority to block, flag or inhibit this money in the first place, hey this is America and I am not standing for this.

haha I am getting so much traffic from the folly of this company. Gerks


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