Life is the greatest fashion designer of all times, it fashions life of nothing but dirt.

But make no mistake the feeble humans cannot change the result of eternal existence, the plan has already been decided and written in the ever changing book of everlasting eternity.

In other words, the stuff people do and say is not worth shit….did you see the grave site of the King of Saudi Arabia? it was fit for a beggar and a thief, yet a most “powerful” king was laid to rot there, where his corpse will melt back into the earth from whence it came, to nothing but dust, a dust that will eventually nourish green shoots and bare another form of life, this is the measure of everlasting life, it is forever lasting.

the shit has gone too far

the shit has gone too far

Life is the greatest fashion designer of all times, it fashions life of nothing but dirt.

The creator of God is infinitely greater than itself, make no mistake the intellect of a human cannot fathom the likes of absolute eternity, where no beginning or end exist and existence is a circle of eternal life.

Eternity is an oxymoron if you can understand it, for the intellect is limited by and for itself, limited matter cannot comprehend that which is behind existence, a drop of water cannot be the sea, but it has the good fortune of an identical nature of the very sea.

Oh my creator I have seen water I have seen rain, please maker of the one universe, do not bring me back here again.

The most powerful, people like Alexander the great, for instance, died and was forgotten by the annals of history, his grave stone, did not have any information which attested to his alleged greatness, but great was he? how great are you? I can tell are not great, for the earth is but one unit cell, living in a whole universe as a spot of almost nothing in comparison to the complete mass in size.

The humans of the earth are properly likened to cells, which must be eliminated, eventually to balance the Ph of the whole, much in the same fashion the whole mass of the earth will eventually merge to the center of the cell and become one with it.

Oh maker of the eternal universe, how can you come or go? I know you are always with me, for if you ever go life itself will stop, the universe will stagnate, stop and rot, no the messenger is forever present as a human on the planet, like the single cell of every living entity has a core, a brightness only the likes of its intelligence can comprehend.

You cannot read this stuff in any book, for the book of eternity will never be written in words, no words exist sufficient to support this everlasting real experience, a nano second of eternity, is the same of the whole eternity.

Make no mistake if you can see it your eyes, hear it with you ear, touch of it with you hands or taste it, believe me it is an illusion and will eventually be no more, it will be recycled from dust to dust….life as we know it is an absolute illusion….only the energy which enjoys privileged abode within is real, seek this true light, a peace which is totally possible for you to have to hold….life will have a true meaning.

The leela of life is a gift from the living messenger, the eternity has boundless mercy it delivers a joy for any passerby to behold….


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