Can you communicate with the energy of an atom?

You see you cannot have an audience with the infinite, this is impossible, if you encountered the infinite, then the mere meeting would be an oxymoron, as such an encounter, would be the result of a total union, a joining to become one with, like a drop of water dropping into the ocean, it becomes indistinguishable.

Long have I questioned writings or proclamations that people can speak or even pray to God, how is this possible? how can you address an entity which is comprised of infinity, example, how can you communicate with the energy of an atom? or the energy which sustains any kind of life including human life? you can only become one with this entity, and therefore become the entity, a total merging which will never have the ability to disengage.

I believe this is what death may be, granted I could not be sure as I have not died yet, and no one have come back to tell me of any personal experience, but I believe, on the one hand that a death by a human is the passing on of an energy life to the infinite, whereas on the other hand, we understand death to be a non existent occurrence, where it is defined as the relation of the body to this earth.

Often times I hear people say ” I will pray for you” so you are going to ask God to do something for you?

All these billions of people on the planet asking God to do things everyday, he must be one hell of a dude to keep track of all these request and even more marvelous to be able to actually pro form on these requests.

No wonder why they say God is in heaven, he has to be somewhere we cannot reach him with all the troubles on this earth, he has to stay as far away as possible, in a locate where no one can know exactly where this place is.


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