A delusional People makes for a crazy existance

The whole consciousness on the planet is out of natural alignment but this is not so strange, you can also call it twisted a certain day, but the venting of mental illness to the wind in such a useless manner, shows us what a mad bunch of people live of the earth.

None of this is new, do not forget WW2, they killed millions, and the Israelis are still doing it, the same people doing the same hideous acts, different costume same actor, same play.

Shit does move up hill. I have seen shit walk.

panic sex

panic sex

Make no mistake ISIS is a crypto Jewish degenerate tool, but the King will wipe their sorry asses out, starting now suckers.

Our planet is moving in a circle to a center, which is made of light and the elements of life, that is where the earth is going, towards the light, its all about energy baby, there are planetary bodies, in-front of us they are first in line, there are also planets behind us, its a first come first serve rush in a centrifugal motion to the energy center, that is where the eternal life is.

The mental degenerates on the earth, who been causing all the trouble-some hoopla, they ass will burn up, in the living hell where they are at.

Abdallah flew a sortie LOL.

That other useless king went six feet under, his crypto ass is now gone, he left many devils to take charge. Bastards.

Fuck you… I make this shit up but its true. I know the truth, freedom is no myth, but rather a reality for the people who have fortune to know the Living messenger.

Yes there is a living message going on get with it…you are missing the boat…

Religions were the operating systems of the past, they are now redundant, made useless, their bugs have caused wars and hate, the governments are the hackers of religions, the armies are bugs, killing programs, but they all failed.


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