The days for secutitizing Mortgages are dead, gone the home-owners exposed it to its end.

The private label market is dead. Securitization is dead, us homeowners killed it on the spot because in 2014, there were all of 22 private-label RMBS deals, in the whole nation.

The deals provided $5.67 billion in financing for 7,342 mortgages. You need to let that sink in but just for a few seconds. If you think about that too much you may go mad, all alone.

The private-label market financed fewer home mortgages than were made in the District of Columbia last year.

Please do not ask what is happening to all the homes nationwide? who is financing them? who is making money on the dead notes, most of which are fake paper floating in huge vaults, expensive vaults.

Surely I do not have the answer.

The people who defend the use of private label markets will finally decide that it is a seriously broken market and that fixing it isn’t just a matter of interest rates moving a few basis points, up or down. It is the fraud and outright pillage, the rampant legally devoid lawsuits which took a toll on the investors money. I do not know what effect all this had on the IRS filings.

Haha it was the Deutsche and Ocwen and other look a likes who really caused this super crash that no one talks about.

The bastards lied, cheated and stole to the extent where no one trust them with a penny any-more. This is why they are giving away homes which are legally troubled. Well I content this any ways, and hell knows I am sticking to this allurement

The securitization market scam needs to take major steps to restore investor confidence, and that means, among other things, a total redesign of servicing and trustee compensation with more stringent structure, crouped with roles and a major standardization of deal documentation, the investors won’t have to worry about what language got snuck in on page 73 of a 120 page garbage indenture.

The pooling and servicing agreements were outright shams, cookie cutter garbage stuffed with human faeces, in boiling storage tanks.

Suckers never bothered to put the freaking loan numbers in the FWP file, they told us they had a box with gold but then there was no box and we came to know that the gold was just a pipe dream too.

secutitizing Mortgages

secutitizing Mortgages


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  1. Keating exposed the fraud and illegality of securitization by testimony to congress when the S & L crises happened in the 80’s. I’m just shocked the guilty fake trustees who plundered other people’s assets are stiil a) free, b) alive.
    people like the david j. sterns and samuel i whites are STILL operating “business as usual”
    I just witessed another loan closing LAST WEEK.
    and my connection to this site is logged as “unsecure”


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