Headlines From Palestine: January 22, 2015

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine


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Israeli Pirate Navy Shells Gaza

Thursday morning Israeli navy shelled the coast of Gaza just north of Gaza City in the Sundaniya region

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Unidentified Assailants Blow Up Fatah Leader’s Car In Gaza

Unidentified assailants blew up a car belonging to a Fatah leader in Gaza City early Thursday.

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Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Child, Destroy Four Structures in South Hebron Hills

Israeli forces detained a Palestinian child near the village of Maghayir al-Abeed and demolished four structures in the Palestinian village of Ar-Rifa’iyya in the South Hebron Hills area on Wednesday.

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West Bank and Occupied Lands

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Israeli Occupation Forces Interrogate Worshipers After Dawn Prayer Near Nablus

Israeli forces raided the northern West Bank village of Asira al-Shamaliya near Nablus Thursday morning and questioned several worshipers after they exited a mosque following dawn prayers.

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Political Prisoners


Israeli Military Court Sentences 14-Year-Old Malak to…

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