How to help Palestinians in Gaza


How to help Palestinians in Gaza

Posted on January 2, 2015 by MARIO KENNY

Enas Mohmad Gaza City

Enas Mohmad Gaza City

Helping Palestinians in Gaza is very simple simply donate to me at my FaceBook page.     Please click the link to the FaceBook page below.


It is very possible to truly comprehend the situation in Gaza, the reality is the homes are destroyed, there is no power, no food, no water, no work and almost no life.


There has never been a plan to let Gaza survive, no care is taken to spare the lives of the people who live in the enclosure.


No  amount of International pressure has weakened the application of the destruction of Gaza.

The major component of an implemented strategic destruction of Gaza is the amplification of the narrative of  victim-hood.


The fact that people live in Gaza places them in harm. This is accomplished by a wide spread destruction of civilian areas such as hospitals, schools, religious places, general infrastructure  and farms. Additionally, casualty figures are generally under-reported.


The best way to help people in Gaza City is to actively condemn the destruction, pillage and general blockade, which has the effect of an  exploitation of its civilians, its land and natural resources.


Only when the international community of nations and its peoples,   realises that,  the time has long passed to end the suffering  will the citizens of  Gaza City  finally be able to live in peace.


I plan to improve the living standards of the children in Gaza city starting with my village, for this reason I need your help to provide the children with food and clothes.  I am a woman therefore I understand suffering because I have lived it,  in Gaza all of my life.

In closing until the above is accomplished please donate money and clothes to me at my Face Book address, so that I can feed all the hungry children in my destroyed village.

I thank you in advance.

Please visit our Blog, also please follow our blog, the link is below.

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I am further asking that you friend Enas at the above link and let her know who you are that contributed so she can thank you personally, please. Thanks so much.


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