The Shell Game by Bank of America ; Ana v Bank of America

Published on Jan 5, 2015

The story of the three Notes.

Bank of America currently has in play, three distinct versions of a mortgage Note we signed back in 2005, with various California courts.

The first was submitted by BoA back in 2012 as “Proof of Claim” in our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This version purports to show one endorsement.
!. From the original “LENDER” Northern Pacific Mortgage Corporation (suspended by the SoS) to Countrywide Home Loans.

2. The second, again submitted as “Proof of Claim” in the same Bk. one year later in 2013. Shows three endorsements.
(a) The first endorsement, as described above.
(b) The second, C’wide Home Loans to C’wide Bank.
(c) The third, perhaps an allonge, C’wide Bank to Pay to the order of ____ .

The third version of the Note shows no endorsements and was submitted into evidence in our pending civil litigation against Bank of America in 2014.

Why three Notes? In this video I do my best to explain the story Bank of America is telling/selling to the courts… enjoy!


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