Deutsche Bank loses Statute of Limitations case in Miami.

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It appears that Deutsche Bank has lost an appeals case where the Statute Of limitations tumbled its right to foreclosure on a condo in Miami Beach.

The bank seems to not to have been timely to refile its case after an involuntary dismissal at the civil court level, it filed an appeal and it seems the appeals court refuted its claim to the home.

I think the bank needs some

panic sex

panic sex

This is a

a no shit sherlock sort of a thing

a no shit sherlock sort of a thing

Now lets see what happens next. I think that this case is particularly interesting as the bank is continually serving monthly mortgage statements to borrowers in Florida, many of whom are in possession of homes with this exact operation of law, if I am correct, this action of serving of notices of debt will cause the  home-owner to have caused of the FDCPA  causes with the bank and its servicers. Ocwen comes to mind here as it is widely known that Ocwen is on the hook as the servicer for this bank.

I have long warned that this could be an issue in Florida with this particular bank, looks like my warnings have come to life and the cookie seems to have crumbled, but I am  aware that, the supreme court of Florida is hearing a certain case which addresses just this sort of case. I do not know what the outcome may be.


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