Published on Dec 21, 2014

The real reason for me being pulled over was the fact that I’ve been known by their organization to film all of my interactions with police.

 editors note;

No probable cause, if the cop gave him a ticket for a noisy exhaust the case will rest at the discretion of the judge and the case can be contested further, how will the cop defend this contested fine in court, with his testimony? [ no one believes them any-more].

If the cop has a recording of the noisy exhaust, this type of evidence as an exhibit, can be contested to be deficient recording equipment, this is just common sense…

If he got any ticket at all it will be dismissed or the case will face further judicial review. Haha not only is the cop abusive, but he is also very ignorant of the very laws he is charged to uphold, what is that telling us?

Further if the cop loses the contested case based on non sufficient evidence, then a counter claim will be a right that the victim would enjoy, for money damages, no matter how big or small, cost, fees and tax. haha

Further his name and badge number is irreverent at this time, for in discovery, the cop will be found and properly identify, the video was more than sufficient. The cop lost his case by his admissible admissions on the site of the occurrence in real time.

Again if the cop wanted the noisy exhaust to stick he would have had to impound the car and place it in the hands of an expert, who would have to appear in court to swear as to the noise and defective exhaust..haha…No probable cause, case dismiss…….this is a classic simple police abuse of power case.

The cop lost his case by his admissible admissions on the site of the occurrence in real time.


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