Mother Of Israeli Arson Suspect: “It’s disgusting that Jews and Arabs learn side by side,”

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Mother of suspect in arson at bilingual school: I would have done the same

Woman expresses disgust that school teaches both Jews and Arabs, calls suspects ‘good kids’ with haredi education.

Noam (Dabul) Dvir

The mother of one of the suspects in an arson attack on a Jewish-Arab school  in Jerusalem last week declared Monday that she would have set the school alight as well, were it not for the law, and that Jews and Arabs should not be studying in mixed classes

While she shook off accusations of harassment of Arabs, the suspect’s mother expressed revulsion at the fact that Jews and Arabs were studying together in the same school. The school was vandalized with graffiti reading “Death to Arabs”, “No coexistence with cancer” and “Kahane was right”; books were also piled into the middle of a classroom and set on fire.

“It’s disgusting that Jews and Arabs learn…

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