Illegal To Carry a Palestinian FLAG? Nothing New- A Look At Israeli Military Orders

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

New legislation will make it illegal for Palestinians IN Palestine ’48 lands,now known as ‘Israel’, to carry our flag but in the West Bank and Gaza that is nothing new. Under Israeli Military Order 101 it has been illegal to carry the flag since at least 1967.

I find it curious that political pundits are just now jumping on this issue. In fact just last year several Palestinians in Jerusalem were fined and arrested for having Palestinian flags on their cars. Only the local news carried this report. Where was the international outrage then? What about outrage against the 2,500 other military orders that Palestinians who live in the occupied lands live under?

We MUST continue to expose the Occupation’s fascist laws that control the lives of nearly 4.5 MILLION people.

Here is a listing of some of the more controlling military orders:

Military Order #101 forbids a gathering of…

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