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List of American Politicians with Israeli Dual Citizenship –

List of Politicians with Israeli Dual Citizenship – June 22, 2011 at 7:12am Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom? by Dan Eden Someone wrote and asked me, “Why are there Israeli- but not Mexican-American Dual Nationals?” Well, here’s my take … Continue reading

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Dual US / Israeli Citizens Running American Government

Originally posted on The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden Truths Revealed:
Many people read articles against Zionism and inaccurately consider it against Jewish people. Zionists are an elite group, aligned with one world government agendas, who even treat other Jewish people who…

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Deutsche Bank loses Statute of Limitations case in Miami.

SOL Deutsche See link above. It appears that Deutsche Bank has lost an appeals case where the Statute Of limitations tumbled its right to foreclosure on a condo in Miami Beach. The bank seems to not to have been timely … Continue reading

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History of Canaan and Palestine

Originally posted on Cintayati:
HISTORICAL IGNORANCE ALLOWS HASBARA TO THRIVE “He who controls the past controls the present; he who controls the present controls the future.” G. Orwell famously wrote in his story 1984. It is of course true. And…

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De Blasio, our backs have turned to you

The very first thought that comes to my mind is that the Mayor of New York City should be asked to vacate his office with immediate effect, for, he has no control over a department which apparently is under his … Continue reading

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NYS TROOPER ROSENBLATT Published on Dec 21, 2014 The real reason for me being pulled over was the fact that I’ve been known by their organization to film all of my interactions with police.  editors note; No probable cause, if … Continue reading

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86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany

Originally posted on Justice for Germans:
Here is a story you won’t hear in the “mainstream media” nor the alternative, unless it is first put through the wash and spin cycle. Thus,  I will do my best to simply translate…

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I can Breathe

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Naftali Bennett promises “10 plagues” if world boycotts Israel

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:
Ed note (Trevor) Also pay attention to the fact that this is from Haaretz. You can really see the Jewish “Gang War” taking place in full color, right before your eyes. The Jewish left…

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The IOF is basically still the Irgun. They need to be added to the terror list.

The IOF is basically still the Irgun. They need to be added to the terror list. The pictures speak.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Officer Nathaniel Robinson, Victoria Police Department 12/16/14

I allege that the cop is a psychopath like most of the ones we have seen on you tubes like this. The Cop was a very brave man he took down a 76 year old grand pa in seconds, very … Continue reading

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Headlines From Palestine: December 18, 2014

Originally posted on Occupied: Headlines From Palestine:
Full Official Text Of Palestine’s Resolution To The Security Council Continue Reading Gaza Israeli Occupation Naval Forces Open Fire At Gaza Fishermen Israeli naval forces on Thursday morning  opened fire at fishing boats…

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The 50 Years War Israel And The Arabs Part 1

The 50 Years War Israel And The Arabs Part 1

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Cop Issues Open Threat to Americans, Invokes “Law-Appointed Right to Kill You”

I will not want my child to be in the same room as this armed mad-man, he is clearly a psychopath and has no right to be in a classroom with small children, especially bearing arms. Cop Issues Open Threat … Continue reading

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saratoga county sheriff

Saratoga County Sheriff the cop wants to rip his head off and shit down his neck. I heard an Israeli say the exact same statement to a Palestinian. Published on Nov 7, 2014 Not all police officers care about your … Continue reading

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God gave the land of the Cannaan to the Jews

God gave the land of the Canaan to the Jews, but the arse forgot that he needed to evict the people who were living there long before his only son was born, Jesus Christ. God gave the land of the … Continue reading

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Gerald Kaufman MP “You cannot appeal to the Israelis’ better nature, because they do not have one.”

Gerald Kaufman MP “You cannot appeal to the Israelis’ better nature, because they do not have one.” Published on Dec 5, 2014 See more:… Taken from a Parliamentary debate Gerald Kaufman MP “You cannot appeal to the Israelis’ better … Continue reading

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