Israeli Occupation Makes Palestinian Family Pay For Synagogue Attack

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

via Donia Al-Watan
Nadia Abu Jamal’s world has fallen apart since her husband’s deadly attack on a Jerusalem synagogue: Israeli authorities have ordered the demolition of their home and revoked her residency rights.

The widow of Ghassan Abu Jamal is especially fearful for her three children, Walid, six, Salma, four, and three-year-old Mohammed.

Their 31-year-old father and his cousin Uday, 22, launched a brazen attack on a Jerusalem synagogue on November 18.

Armed with meat cleavers and a pistol, they killed four rabbis and a policeman before being shot dead by police, in the city’s deadliest attack in six years.

Israel has retaliated by ordering the demolition of the Abu Jamal house and ordering Nadia back to her native West Bank.

The children, however, will be allowed to stay in Jerusalem where they were born but as punishment for their father’s crime they have lost all social benefits, including medical…

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