John Kerry associates with terror master Benjamin Bibi, Israel To Arrest Anyone For Posting Content Deemed “Anti-Israel” On Facebook (Video)

For many years – Israel has been monitoring the social media accounts of pro-Palestinian activists. The Israeli government has a long track record of…|By Jack B. Nimble
“Bodies of terrorists will not be delivered to their families, and will be buried in secret, without funeral rites.”:   this jumps out at me as a dead human body is worth about $250,000.00 in America surely they are not just junking these bodies, there is money to be made.
Anyone deemed to be a “terrorist” will be stripped of their citizenship and deported, including family members of those terrorists who claim support for them. Anyone displaying the Palestinian flag or other flags deemed “terroristic” will be arrested and held without bail until trial.
If convicted of “terrorism” or “supporting terrorism” you will be denied national insurance benefits and lose your driver’s license for 10 years.
The homes of accused terrorists’ families will be demolished within 24 hours of the terrorist act.
Bodies of terrorists will not be delivered to their families, and will be buried in secret, without funeral rites.
Businesses that print anything supportive of “terrorism” will be immediately shut down.
Businesses can request a file on an employee and fire them for actions committed, even previous to their employment, that are deemed to be in support of “terrorism.”
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