Video:Israeli Occupation Soldiers Did Nothing To Stop Settler Attack

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

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Israeli rights organization slams military’s failure to protect Palestinians

Israeli soldiers protected a group of Israeli settlers who attacked Palestinians with rocks and iron bars during a confrontation in the West Bank, the Yesh Din human rights group claimed on Wednesday.

Three videos released by the group show at least five armed Israeli soldiers standing among a large group of Israeli settlers on a ridge, who are seen throwing rocks at Palestinians below.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, some 200 Palestinians and 50 settlers clashed in an area between the settlement of Yitzhar and the Palestinian village of Urif. The military said the soldiers shot gas canisters to disperse the youths.

The soldiers can be seen standing with their backs to the settlers and at times drawing their guns and pointing them toward the Palestinians. It is not clear from the videos what caused the clashes or…

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