Israeli Teacher Sends Students Image Of ‘Good Arabs’ In Graves

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

Ashkelon math teacher sends photo of Muslim cemetery to students via WhatsApp, says it was meant for other group of contacts.

One day before the mayor of Ashkelon decided to ban Arab construction workers from kindergartens, a high school teacher in the city sent a group of students an image of a Muslim cemetery with the caption, “In times like these, it’s important to remember there are also good Arabs! And they can be found here.”

The teacher sent the image on Wednesday to a group of 11th and 12th graders via the social messaging service WhatsApp, Ynet reported.

The math teacher reportedly regretted sending the image to his students, saying he sent it to them accidentally and that it was intended for a different group on WhatsApp, according to Ynet.

After receiving the image, one student responded that it was inappropriate to send such an image to…

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