Israeli Occupation To Demolish Homes Of 3 Jerusalem Attack Suspects

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The families of three Palestinians who are suspected of recently carrying out attacks in Jerusalem received notices that their homes will be demolished on Wednesday.

The families of Ibrahim al-Akkari and Muhammad Jaabis — both of whom ran over Israeli pedestrians — as well as Mutaz Hijazi, who shot and injured right-wing Jewish extremist leader Yehuda Glick — all received demolition notices.

A Ma’an reporter said that the Jaabis family has said they will appeal the demolition decision, although Israeli authorities’ signalled earlier in November that the homes of any Palestinian who attacked Israelis would have their homes demolished.

The news came only hours after the home of Abd al-Rahman al-Shaludi in Silwan was demolished by Israeli authorities, who carried out the demolition as punishment for him driving his car into a group of civilians and killing 2 Israelis in late October.

“The Israeli occupation wants to…

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