Headlines From Palestine: November 20, 2014

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine


AFP Mohammed Abed

Israeli Occupation Conditionally Agrees to Work With UN War Crime Probe

After refusing to cooperate with a different UN committee, Jerusalem agrees to participate in another as long as a number of its conditions are met.

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Occupation Shoots 30 Smoke Missiles On Northern Gaza

Israeli occupation Artillery on Wednesday morning fired about 30 smoke missiles on the farms and fields of Gazan citizens near Beit Hanoun city.

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West Bank and Occupied Lands


Forensics: Bullet That Killed Palestinian Teen Nadeem Nuwara Came From Border Policeman’s Gun

The forensics report, which determined that bullet fragments found in the teenager’s body came from the suspect’s gun, was made public Wednesday, when the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court partially lifted a gag order on the case.

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Ma'an Images Ma’an Images

Clashes In Shufat As Israeli Occupation Minister Enters Refugee Camp

Clashes erupted in the Shufat refugee camp in Jerusalem on Wednesday…

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