Apartheid Israeli Mayor Bars Arabs From Working In City’s Kindergartens

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

Says order is a part of an effort to make parents feel safe in light of recent attacks in Jerusalem.

By Shirly Seidler for Haaretz

Ashkelon Mayor Itamar Shimoni decided on Thursday to bar Arabs from working in three kindergartens in the city during school hours. Shimoni said his move was prompted by pressure from parents fearing a terror attack.

Shimoni said that as of Thursday armed guards will be posted at the entrance to seven kindergarten complexes accommodating more than 100 children. The money for the security guards, estimated in the tens of thousands of shekels, was partly donated from abroad, it was revealed.

Shimoni wrote on his Facebook page: “Although the Public Security Ministry is responsible for placing security guards, I’ve instructed putting armed guards in every kindergarten complex close to construction sites in which Arabs are employed. Also, in kindergartens where protected rooms are being built by…

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