Israel’s need to reinvent its illegal existence Ramona Wadi

Israel’s need to reinvent its illegal existence

Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu

Two particular recurring frameworks emerge from the latest Israeli violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s continuation of home demolitions in alleged retaliation against “terror” and demands that the international community condemn “Palestinian terror against Israel”. In reference to the recent killings of Israelis while at a synagogue in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said, “I want to see shock, utter denunciation,” in reference to the reaction expected by Israel from the international community.Asserting colonial dominance through violence – an inherent characteristic of Israel – was obliterated from Netanyahu’s rhetoric. Accusations of Palestinian incitement allegedly ignited by Palestinian leaders from the PA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad were juxtaposed against demands for Palestinian recognition of Israel – a predictable tactic that continues to shape the settler-colonial state’s regurgitated pleas.

Meanwhile, Ma’an News Agency reported that Israeli soldiers carried out further retaliation against Palestinians. Rampages included physical assault, damage to property, beatings, use of tear gas and targeting Palestinians with rubber-coated bullets, ostensibly in the name of “unity” that, according to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu linked to “Jerusalem and the security of the citizens of Israel”.

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