Zionist, Israel IDF FAIL

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When I was walking in the Mall today ,a sales person from kiosk insisted to stop me and sell me some products , I said please don’t bother I’m not going to buy , he said please just try this ( showing me a cream made of Dead Sea minerals , I said : I’m from there and I tried the Dead Sea mud it self , he was shocked and asked me where I was from ! I said ; I told you I am from there , Palestine .

He said but this product is made here in the US ! I replied with a smile : but it says Dead Sea minerals !then his demeanor changed , and he said I am not israeli , I am from Italy ! I laughed and asked him why are you ashamed to admit your nationality ? He said : I swear I am not from there ! He forgot that the Israelis have a heavy accent and since I lived half of my life in Palestine I can tell when I see an Israeli , so I told him straight forward , I am boy cutting anything from Israel , and any company or person supports Israel , then he said me too , I don’t like them , I understand you , a lot of people refuse to buy these products because its from Israel ! The I said but you said it’s made is USA !

Then his face color changed and again he told me he is not Israeli ! I honestly felt happy to see him putting his country down in order to sell a product worth 20 dollars .

I told him listen ,I am not against Jews , but I am % 100 against Zionists , so no need to keep lying , you are not Italian , and I know that well , be honest and admit that you are an Israeli ! He said ok I am a Jew but I don’t like Israel , I said good , see we are doing good now , one more thing , be honest and tell me if. You served in the IDF ? He said yes I mean no no no !

Then I had to finish this and I told him you just made my day to know that you are the Zionists welling do anything for a dollar ! And because you know the land is not yours , and Palestine will never be Israel as long as we are alive , you couldn’t say you are from Israel , but here I am telling you I am Palestinian and I was born and raised there and we will get back there one day . After we kick every Zionist from it , he answered yes it’s your country and IDF is very bad , they kill children , and now can you buy this ? I laughed and walked a way .


Souha Jandali



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