Normally forgiveness is something that could happen when the action that is being sought forgiveness for is stopped.

Normally forgiveness is something that could happen when the action that is being sought forgiveness for is stopped. The occupation of Palestine, killing of its people and pillage by the Zionist have been on a continuum since 1948 and to date.

Therefore no forgiveness is possible, after all, one cannot forgive each hideous act, as committed by the Israelis, on a one by one basis, simply because forgiving these acts forever, is not forgiveness.

The notion that “the violence on both sides must stop” is a wrong demand to place on the Palestinians..after all they are the ones who are occupied, the ones who have suffered the very most, so it is the incumbency of the Israelis to stop their violence, to bring it to a complete end.. to pay for the return the stolen property…to let the prisoners allow this people to tend their own issues…

The international community and the online communities should not be chastised for the insults that Israel deserves, it continues to commit acts which we are not liking…and…our governments take no heed on our wishes, again the Israelis must stop..then maybe we may find decency enough to not bash them with such utter deserving disrespect..

The prosperous claim of these facially psychopathic people that, ” god gave them the land” has to be denied by them, in whole. These people must admit guilt…and ask for the forgiveness they would need going forward.

Certainly the Israelis would state, claim or assert that they have no obligation to ask for any forgiveness, to pay any restitution, or to make any concessions at all, this has been their stance all along, but this incorrect enigma has become a liability to may of the people who continues to support them.

Their claims of having the highest IQ on the planet have been proven,  by their very actions, to be very inaccurate. The trilogy of the Occupation has run its course and it has left a very bad taste in the mouths of the people who thought that they are or were “God`s chosen people”, god does not talk.


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