Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Call on Their Countries to Recognize State of Palestine

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

MARSEILLE, November 16, 2014 (WAFA) – The fifth meeting of the Mediterranean citizens’ assembly (MCA), held on Sunday in the French city of Marseille, called on the governments of their countries to recognize the state of Palestine.

At the closing session of the 3-day meeting, the Mediterranean citizens, stressed that ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, is a key condition for the establishment of a Mediterranean space of peace, security, and collaboration among its nations.

The session also covered the latest Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip, during which Secretary of the Palestinian Forum for Culture and Information, Hassan Balawai, who represented Palestine at the meeting, called on the Mediterranean citizens to support all community initiatives seeking to implement the international law and humanitarian international law just as the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

Russell Tribunal on Palestine is a citizens’ initiative which aims to reaffirm the…

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